Can I bring in siblings who don’t attend the nursery for photo day?
Please check with your group or nursery if siblings from outside are allowed.

How many individual photos do you take?
We take at least six individual photos per child. Different poses and props. We also show some edited pictures on our proof sheet like Black and White, modern cropping etc.

When will I receive my child’s photo proofs?
Each child will receive a proof sheet. Siblings will also have their own proof sheet, so some parents will receive more than one proof sheet. Within approx. 7 days of photo day proofs will be delivered to the group / nursery to hand out.
If you do not receive your child’s proof sheet please contact your groups leader or nursery manager.

Why do you want a contact number?
Sometimes forms are incomplete or incorrect.  If a phone number is provided we can contact you to discuss. We do not sell your information to third parties, and we’ll never call you unless it’s a query with your order.

How long do you keep photos?
We keep photos for 12 months from the date of the shoot on a secure server.

Why do you charge a late order fee?
The late order fee is a search fee and includes P&P. Orders received before your school’s deadline date are delivered to the group / nursery. The late fee only applies once we have made the final delivery to the group/nursery. If we have delivered the orders to the school then your late order will be posted to your home address by recorded delivery.

I missed the deadline, can I still order?
Yes. Please order direct with us by phone, post or e-mail.
Ensure you add the late order fee, and complete your address details.

How can I pay?
We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. Never send cash in the post. Cheques should be payable to Andrew Brown Photography.

How can I order?
You can return your order to the nursery / group, order by phone, post or e-mail.

Do my photos come mounted?
Only up to 7×5 images are mounted.

Are your photographers CRB/DBS checked?
Yes. All our photographers are CRB/DBS checked.

Can I buy one photo on CD?
Yes, please refer to the order form.

Who owns the copyright to my child’s photos?
Andrew Brown Photography owns the copyright to all photo’s.

Why does my child look untidy in the photo?
We cannot take responsibility if a child has dirty clothes from playing in the playground or a dirty face from eating their lunch. We do ask members of staff where ever possible to ensure the children look clean and tidy prior to photographing the children.

Can you edit out spots etc?
We do not automatically retouch photos as the photo may not be purchased. Once a photo has been ordered, we check for any marks and touch up before printing. We can edit spots, scabs, runny noses, food etc. Please let us know if you would like your photo retouched before we print.

My order is incorrect?
If you think your order is incorrect please contact us straight away, and if we packed it incorrectly we’ll send you the missing photos.

I’m not happy with my photos?
If you are not happy with your photos, then please contact us within 28 days of receipt and we can reprint, offer you an alternative product or a refund. Please return the photos to us by recorded delivery and your replacement photos or refund will be sent to you within 14 days of our receipt.

I have more than one proof sheet, can I pick and mix the photos in a pack?
No. Photos in the packs contain one pose only. You are able to purchase individual prints of your choice.

What is a single pose pack?
A Single Pose Pack contains different size prints of the same photo.

What size frames and canvasses do you offer?
We offer a variety of sizes in both float frames and canvasses. Please refer to the order form.

Can I have my photos in Black & White?
Yes, please select the option on the order form.

My payment did not go through, can I still get my order?
We will send your order once your payment has cleared.